Services: Market Shaping and Strategic Planning

Market Assessment Process™ (MAP)

How do you introduce something new to the market?

Analyzing information collected through a series of different vehicles, we create a baseline assessment of the company's own assumptions about its market, what the market thinks about the company and where there is alignment or a disconnect between the two views. The Market Assessment Process consists of five elements:

  • Audience Perception Thinktank™ (APT) (Qualitative view)
  • ClientPulse™ (Qualitative view)
  • InfluencerPulse™ (Qualitative view)
  • IndustryMonitor™ (Hybrid Qualitative/Quantitative view)
  • 15-in-30 Analysis™ (Quantitative view)

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Positioning Workshop

How does an established company define (or re-define) its go-to-market message?

The SculptaHealth Positioning Workshop is a full day workshop (or two half days, depending on leadership availability) with your team that:

  • Develops Vision, Mission, Value Proposition and Elevator Pitch messaging
  • Uncovers what is most critical about the company to customers through four key interactive exercises developed by SculptaHealth

The end result can either validate existing positioning strategy or pivot to a new direction.

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Client Discovery and Account Review Workshop

How do you ensure your Business Development team can maximize their efforts?

A half-day or full day (depending on the number of Business Development team members) interactive session with your executives and business development team that takes a deep dive into all service offerings including:

  • A review of current messaging, current tactics and a target audience analysis
  • An account review of all existing accounts – the successes and the challenges, current client titles, supporters, influencers, competitive landscape and potential opportunities within accounts
  • An account review of key prospects – successes and challenges to date, competitive landscape and potential opportunities

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