A Strong Foundation: SculptaHealth Workshops

Having a strong understanding of your company's value to clients and telling that story in a consistent, credible way is critical for growth. That's why SculptaHealth developed several workshops to put you on the right track, whether you're a startup in the early stages of commercialization, a more established company or need to maximize the effectiveness of your business development team. Our Market Assessment Process (MAP), Positioning Workshop and Client Discovery and Account Review Workshop each provide a solid framework for going to market and maximizing opportunities. Contact us for more information and a proposal.

For Startups and Early stage companies

How do you introduce something new to the market?

To combat the challenges of understanding a healthcare technology company's market and provide start-up/early stage companies with a strategic commercialization plan, SculptaHealth developed the Market Assessment Process™ (MAP). Analyzing information collected through a series of different vehicles, we create a baseline assessment of the company's own assumptions about its market, what the market thinks about the company and where there is alignment or a disconnect between the two views. The Market Assessment Process consists of five elements:

  • Audience Perception Thinktank™ (APT) (Qualitative view)
  • ClientPulse™ (Qualitative view)
  • InfluencerPulse™ (Qualitative view)
  • IndustryMonitor™ (Hybrid Qualitative/Quantitative view)
  • 15-in-30 Analysis™ (Quantitative view)

Learn more about our Market Assessment Process

For established companies

How does an established company define (or re-define) its go-to-market message?

The SculptaHealth Positioning Workshop is a full day workshop (or two half days, depending on leadership availability) with your team reviewing your company market perception based on its history and current positioning to:

  • Develop Vision, Mission, Value Proposition and Elevator Pitch messaging
  • Uncover what is most critical about the company to customers through four key interactive exercises developed by SculptaHealth

The end result is a guiding document to deliver consistent messaging to all of your target audiences and to ensure your employees are all speaking about the company with one "voice."

learn more about our Positioning Workshop

For Business Development Teams

How do you ensure your Business Development team can maximize their efforts?

The Client Discovery and Account Review Workshop is a half-day or full day (depending on the number of Business Development team members) interactive session gathering with your executive and business development team that takes a deep dive into how your company currently goes to market. The session includes the following:

  • A review of all service offerings, including target audience analysis, current messaging, current tactics
  • An account review of all existing accounts – the successes and the challenges, current client titles, potential opportunities within accounts
  • An account review of key prospects – successes and challenges to date
  • A discussion of expanded market opportunity

learn more about our Discovery and Account Review Workshop

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