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Who is SculptaHealth?

Sculpta is Latin for "to sculpt" or "to craft" and health is our focus. We believe that to be successful in today's rapidly evolving business environment, companies must be willing to change, to mold, and to recreate themselves to respond to their clients' ever-changing needs.

We have been fortunate in our careers because we've had the opportunity to work with some amazing leaders in the industry — people who had vision, were incredibly intelligent and had the strategic mind and personal fortitude to take companies to new and unforeseen heights. We've seen what it's like when employees unite to make a vision a reality and the willingness and openness of their leadership to create a strategy, listen to their clients' feedback and course correct whenever necessary, never taking their eye off of the ultimate goal.

It is with this knowledge — the knowledge of what is possible — that we started SculptaHealth. We saw an underserved market — companies with that same vision, passion, and discipline, but without access to the marketing power required to capture the minds and hearts of their potential clients. With our years of experience and our proven results, SculptaHealth brings that power to clients of all sizes, making visions a reality and creating a solid foundation for future growth.

  • 25 years of outreach to biopharmaceutical executives for companies offering clinical or commercial solutions for patient and professional audiences
  • Business development expertise merged with analytics methodology to deliver client acquisition and revenue-focused engagement strategies
  • Collaborate with Business Development to follow the customer journey from awareness through conversion
  • Embrace “investment rather than spend” mentality

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