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Social Media Engagement

Launch and grow a social media presence. Our 8-point Social Media Targeted Engagement Program is a complete strategy for developing social media into a targeted engagement channel for business development. We’ll evaluate which social channels are the most appropriate for your business including:

  • Twitter: Twitter is well trafficked by demographic groups ranging from consumers to professionals. It is a place for thought leadership, sharing information, and learning from others. Although informational content is most appreciated, a company's promotional use of Twitter can also be effective if kept in balance with non-promotional postings and when promotional postings provide something of value.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the social network that focuses on careers and connecting individuals. LinkedIn has a vibrant community of professionals and has also evolved into a blogging/publishing network. In addition to using LinkedIn for content marketing, paid promotion options exist to reach targeted audiences.
  • Facebook: A diverse audience uses Facebook as an information source and sharing destination. Consumers and organizations often make use of Facebook to build communities of interest and paid targeted promotion options are available to reach an audience.
  • Pinterest: Visual sharing site Pinterest has become a hot channel for people and companies to post or "pin" pictures, charts and other visual materials. Infographics are often shared there as well.
  • Other Services: Dozens of niche social media services exist. Many can provide advantages to your company when trying to reach a particular audience. SculptaHealth will help you evaluate the social media channels most appropriate to your business and suggest the best ways to engage in them.

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