Business Development Alignment

The Junction of Sales and Marketing

It is an age-old problem and one that continues to haunt even the most innovative companies:  how to better align sales and marketing?  Marketing is frustrated because they are uncovering potential opportunities that Business Development does not pursue.  Business Development is frustrated because the opportunities are often too far out, if even real, and they have numbers to meet in the short term.  What to do?

SculptaHealth is positioned at the juncture of sales and marketing.  Working with Business Development teams, we facilitate discovery sessions and Account Reviews to determine strategies that will drive new and expanded business.  Market segmentation is the next step, whether by key account, therapeutic category, disease state, title, or another segment.  Then comes market research to understand the industry dynamics, challenges and opportunities, pain points and the specific problems that a client’s solution can solve. 

This proven methodology, along with a suite of services that includes Insights Reporting and dashboard metrics, has resulted in double-digit returns on all campaigns, and a high conversion rate.

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