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Market Shaping and Strategic Planning

  • Market Assessment Process™ (MAP): Analyzing information collected through a series of different vehicles, we create a baseline assessment of the company's own assumptions about its market, what the market thinks about the company and where there is alignment or a disconnect between the two views. The Market Assessment Process consists of quantitative and qualitative elements.
  • Positioning Workshop: A full day workshop (or two half days) with your team that reviews Vision, Mission, Value Proposition and Messaging. The end result can either validate existing positioning strategy or pivot to a new direction.
  • Client Discovery and Account Review Workshop: A half-day or full day (depending on the number of Business Development team members) interactive session with your executives and business development team that takes a deep dive into all service offerings, including target audience analysis, current messaging, current tactics; An account review of all existing accounts and prospects – the successes and challenges, review of current client titles, supporters, influencers, competitive landscape and potential opportunities within accounts.

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Revenue-Focused Engagement

  • Targeted Engagement Campaigns: Demand creation for highly segmented accounts. Available in several formats to build engagement with prospects. Outreach can be segmented by key account, therapeutic category, disease state, titles, etc.
  • Custom Webinars: A complete webinar strategy including planning, development, promotion, registration outreach, post-webinar follow-up lead development, webinar archive editing and tracking, measurement and reporting.
  • Leadership Forums: A topic-driven event designed for your clients/prospects to encourage engagement and discussion. These custom events provide an opportunity to share thinking and interact with your target audience in an environment that is educational, rather than promotional.
  • Industry Conference Package: Fully leverage your participation at industry conferences with SculptaHealth's pre-, at- and post-conference 360 degree support.

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Insights Reporting

An integrated series of reports measure performance and provide actionable insights to make changes. These include:

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Social Media Engagement

Launch and grow a social media presence. Our 8-point Social Media Targeted Engagement Program is a complete strategy for developing social media into a targeted engagement channel for business development. We'll evaluate which social channels are the most appropriate for your business including:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Other services

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What Matters

SculptaHealth measures what matters to sales and helps you to understand the behavior of your prospects and how receptive they are to your offering. Our Insights Reports give you actionable information to assess your business' key performance indicators and to pivot when needed. View a sample Insights Report.

Vision into Reality

Listening and Assessing Market Needs

"I have known and worked with them as colleagues and consultants to the Pharmaceutical/Biotech and healthcare industry for seven years. They have the ability to assess the market needs, see clearly the challenges and possess both the business and clinical acumen to offer carefully crafted, adaptable solutions. Their well crafted solutions are successful because they listen well, consider value for all and offer to take action after significant due diligence. They are bright, energetic, and thoughtful and have a high level of integrity; it is always a pleasure to work with them and I recommend their work to others."
— Senior VP and Managing Director of Clinical Services Company

Market Shaping in collaboration with Business Development

"In Healthcare, a small minority of professionals can escape the status quo, and Ellynn is one of those distinctive individuals. Leveraging her innate ability to envision 'the possible,' she is adept at translating unmet needs and market potential into a strategic set of market-shaping initiatives and tactics — in close collaboration with her Business Development team. Once the strategy is defined, she actively tailors execution to the needs of her BD team, paving the way for effective selling of innovative healthcare solutions."
— Senior VP of Early Stage Healthcare Technology Company

Launching to a new market segment

"[We] were very impressed with Joe's presentation and creativity on the ideas. I have been involved in many projects of this type from my [Fortune 500 corporate] days through three start up companies. Clearly the vision and images he presented are at the top of my experience... I still think back on the renditions he created positioned next to the leading competitors. We stand head and shoulders above."
— Chairman & CEO of Startup Woundcare Company on the launch of the company's product to a new market segment


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