Revenue-Focused Engagement that Works

Our primary focus on engagement initiatives that yield the greatest opportunity for revenue is a strategy that has been tested again and again. See some of our results below.

Targeted engagement campaigns

SculptaHealth offers several formats from a single email tier to multi-tier campaigns sent over several weeks to build engagement with prospects.

  • Campaigns created with highly customized messaging based on segmentation (e.g. Key Account, therapeutic category, disease state, geography, etc.)
  • All campaigns are sent twice: the same content but a different subject line to non-responders.
  • Leads are captured and entered into a database, creating an ongoing view of prospect behavior.

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Leveraging Industry Conferences

Maximize investment in industry conferences.

  • Secure speaking opportunities at conferences that are highly-specific to your offering
  • Work with conference organizers to obtain value-adds
  • Arrange for on-site discussions between Business Development and prospects
  • Negotiate discount for invited clients/prospects
  • Surround the conference with pre-, during- and post-event support
  • Nurture leads to continue engagement
  • On-site management

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Creating an Industry Think Tank

A topic-driven, invitation-only event designed to encourage engagement and discussion. These "Leadership Forums" provide an opportunity to foster discussion andshare thinking with your target audience in an environment that is educational, rather than promotional.

  • Brings prospects and client together to discuss challenging industry topic.
  • 20-30 guests attend a centrally-located 2 hour luncheon with keynote speaker and roundtable discussions.
  • Opportunity for your executives to meet face-to-face with prospects and clients.
  • Significantly reduces opportunity time and delivers qualified leads.

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