Services: Insights Reporting

Capture sales intelligence and generate insights using key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate progress and course correct when necessary. Our Insights Reporting System underpins every initiative and reports are available as PDFs, PowerPoint or accessible anytime through our Insights Reports Online portal. These reports go beyond data collection and analytics to provide actionable intelligence. Insights Reporting provides your business with:

Sales Intelligence

  • Prospect Insights Reports: Inform your business development team on how individual prospects interact with your organization over time, what they are interested in and suggestions of related content that can help extend the conversation.
  • Competitive Insights Reports: A detailed investigation and reporting of competitive threats in your space — both direct and indirect. Review your competitors' channel activities, compare their key services to yours, track their interest in your website and evaluate the degree of threat

Data Analysis

  • Competitive Threat Index™ (CTI): Our proprietary Competitive Threat Index tool evaluates the degree of threat to your product or service. It is an assessment of the strength of competition relative to your organization based on 5 criteria: Stability, Similarity of Offering, Critical Mass, Longevity and Market Presence. The CTI provides insights that allow the organization to align marketing investment to impact as well as predictive intelligence to recognize potential threats.
  • Prospect Attention Scoring System™ (PASS): Our Prospect Attention Scoring Systemâ„¢ (PASS) provides a historical view of a prospect's interaction to help Business Development judge the intensity and duration of interest, delivers valuable feedback about the quality of the lead and helps shape future outreach strategies. PASS measures 40 variables across 6 marketing dimensions including website, social media, phone, email, eBlasts and conferences/face-to-face interaction.
  • Lead Interest Index™ (LIX): Our Lead Interest Index (LIX) tool provides an objective measure of a lead's priority as well as gauges the interest level of a lead relative to other leads. For Business Development, it can serve as a guide for prioritization of lead follow-ups and provide predictive intelligence to address falloff in interest of initially "hot prospects" before the interest is lost. When used together with a Lead Scorecard, Lead Interest Index tracking will help inform the lead qualification process and generate more accurate assessments.

Performance Assessment

  • Campaign-level Insights Reports & Dashboards: At-a-glance dashboards give you a top-level view of campaign performance. Combined with drill-down details on top responder activity, individual demographics and Excel file of contacts to append to CRM databases, Business Development will have the insights needed to turn leads into opportunities and opportunities into revenue.
  • Search Engine Rank Insights Reports: As part of a SculptaHealth search engine optimization (SEO) plan, track the performance of your most important keywords over time against competitors. Search Engine Rank Insights Reports provide a historical look that is a visual guide for how you are trending in search results against the competition and suggest steps the organization can take to reach and maintain a dominant position.
  • Social Media Insights Reports: A companion to SculptaHealth's 8-Point Social Media Targeted Engagement Program, Social Media Insights Reports provide a macro-level dashboard view of reach, impressions and engagement on your social channels over time as well as growth trends. At the micro level, track and understand the impact of individual posts on your social channels to improve results or duplicate success.
  • Website Insights Reports: he company website is the hub of any demand creation strategy and a key tool to qualify leads and move prospects along the adoption curve. Website Insights Reports provide snapshots of prospect engagement compared against a benchmark, illuminate prospect acquisition trends, the companies that are visiting, which channels contribute most to traffic and more. Gain insights on the effectiveness of your organization's content marketing strategy with Website Insights Reports.

Executive Summary

  • Internalizing the insights from a variety of reports can seem like a daunting task, especially if your executive team is managing multiple priorities. SculptaHealth can summarize the learnings from a few or all of the individual Insights Reports into an Executive Summary Report for you to examine the most critical drivers impacting your market.


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